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faac-devel - Development libraries of the FAAC AAC encoder

Website: http://www.audiocoding.com/
License: LGPLv2+
Vendor: RPM Fusion
FAAC is an AAC audio encoder. It currently supports MPEG-4 LTP, MAIN and LOW
COMPLEXITY object types and MAIN and LOW MPEG-2 object types. It also supports
multichannel and gapless encoding.

This package contains development files and documentation for libfaac.


faac-devel-1.28-1.el5.i386 [6 KiB] Changelog by Dominik Mierzejewski (2009-03-12):
- update to 1.28
- drop redundant BRs
- fix Source URL and use bz2 tarball
- fix rpath
- include manpage
- ship AUTHORS NEWS docs/*
- integrated changes from Julian Sikorski <belegdol[at]gmail[dot]com>
-- Dropped dos2unix BR, not needed anymore
-- Made Source0 use macros
-- Fixed License tag
-- Fixed file permissions
-- Converted ChangeLog to utf-8

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